Cheers everyone, thanks again for the great premiere evening six months ago! We all had a really good time with you and could't ask for a better audience. Today we're finally putting the video online for all the people who haven't seen it yet! Go and get a cold beer out of the fridge and enjoy! - so what.
This Place, This Date, This Time...

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It's finally going down folks.
This month we are about to get the last clips
and tricks to hopefully step it up a little more.
So What is premiering on May 26th in Hagen!
Within the next few days we will post a flyer for more details... stay tuned!
I found some old pictures made by Martin Koziel the other day.
this one is of Philip while he's getting the Jackpot!

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the last days have been really cold...

Don't worry.
We make use of every chance right now to get some more stuff done,
but the weather is just too sick too skate most of the time.
We already got a lot of footage, but due to injuries and shit
the process of filming got slowed down slightly.
The deadline got pushed back so everyone can step up their parts
as good as they can. Be prepared for another trailer in a little while...

Couple of days ago I filmed this thing with Bartosz Ciesielski,
a good friend of mine, because he's back on Adio Footwear.